Why Lots of Lovely Art?


We source the very best,
most sustainable
art materials and introduce new
and exciting mediums for children
to experiment with.


There are more than enough materials in each box for
an artist! Some supplies may even
be used again and again, or shared – we want children
to have time to really learn how
to experiment with new materials.


Everything that the children need
(supplies, instructions) is delivered
to your home.
No need to waste time scouring
for that elusive water-based ink!

Art and Craft Boxes

Each box contains artist-inspired projects, process-art ideas and a selection of quality materials to enable children to be independently creative at home.

Magical Music


Both art and music allow the artist to express their feelings and experiences... In this art box we look at how a variety of artists old and new portray musical instruments and musicians; at how they interpret sound in visual form; at how they use colour and music in tandem in their work; and finally at how some artists even designed album covers for bands and musicians!

Beautiful Bugs


Love them or hate them, creepy crawlies are everywhere! In these creative projects, inspired by artists old and new, we look at how to create a wall of recycled bugs, painted butterflies, snail drawings and shapes, spider collages, dragonfly bug jars, cricket patterns and finally moth wings you can wear.

Fantastic Flowers


Artists have drawn (and been drawn to) flowers for centuries. In this art box we are inspired by them all to create a variety of our very own floral masterpieces: From naive flower still lives to abstract floral multi-media paintings; from sun-prints to vases filled with egg-cup bouquets; from petal collages to beautiful painted paper flower crowns!

Wild Woods


The Wild Woods box looks at the majestic and magical beauty of our forests with art projects inspired by artists old and new. Learn all about trees, leaves and woodland creatures through art projects exploring collage, painting, multi-media and sculpture techniques. Extra activities also include a large multi-media painted forest, and going into the woods to design Land Art of your own!

Glorious Gifts


A unique present tells the recipient that they are worthy of the time, patience and effort it has taken to create! This art box celebrates and encourages homemade gift-giving, by guiding you to create four different gorgeous gifts: a clay candle stick, a papier-mâché bowl, an embroidery hoop painted fabric hanging and a printed pencil case.

Witches and Wizards


In this box we look at artists and art styles that were influenced by the mystical and the magical: make a spell-book and a magical wand; concoct fabulous potions; get sparkly with spiders’ webs; and make your own owls and dragons!

Printing animals art project for children
Awesome Animals


Animals, both real and imagined, have long been a favourite subject in art. Part of their beauty lies in their versatility as subjects: they are often used as symbols, but they can also be majestic creative muses in their own right. In this box we look at creatures big and small, from wild animals to farm animals, from bugs and butterflies to fish.

Fabulous Fabric


In this box, we look at how a number of very different artists have worked with textiles, from printing and quilt-making, to batik and the creation of textile sculptures. We also glance at different dyeing processes, from the use of natural botanical dyes and the Japanese technique of shibori, to tie dye!

Delicious Delights


Create your very own tea party with colourful cardboard cakes, or deliver a fast-food take-away with a Plaster of Paris burger! This box is inspired by artists past and present who have used food in all its different forms as their muse! It is filled with creative ideas that will give you a taste of how food is used in art, from printing with apples to still life paintings and collaged fruit faces.

Lots of Love


The types of love that we feel are almost as varied as the people who experience it, as is the art that explores the subject. From Greek mythology to Hindu motifs, cultures and artists around the world have used a range of symbols to represent love in art, and we look at a few of these in the art projects in this box- for example, the hug, the kiss, the heart and the dance!

Me myself and I


This art box includes creative projects for Teens and pre-Teens to express themselves through art. It is packed full of projects exploring the theme of Identity, be that through our face (in portraiture), our body or our varied emotions.

"The boxes look very exciting (colourful and mixed activities) to kids, and they are always excited to receive them and get cracking! The fact that the products are high quality and respectful to the planet means I'm happy to pay the price. The boxes are easy to use and convenient which is just what I want for a rainy day/spending quality time with the kids." Vivienne

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