3-month subscription

Each month (for three months) quality art materials and inspiring art projects will arrive at your door! Lots of Lovely Art boxes introduce children to artists and art styles, and provide clear instructions for fun open-ended creative projects.

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3-month subscription

A magical art box filled with artist-inspired projects will arrive at your door every month! With a 3-month subscription, a new box (of your choosing) will be delivered to you in the first week of three successive months.
Each box is filled with different high-quality art materials and clear and simple instructions describing creative projects.

There is plenty for one child (and sometimes enough for two if you can add a few things from home). During your subscription, the leftover paints, oil pastels, glue etc, will build up your child’s store of art supplies. Some can be used time and time again – allowing children to continue to experiment with their newly learned techniques.

The artists introduced in the LoLA leaflets are linked to books with a recommended reading list. Seeing an artist’s work in print or even hanging on a wall reinforces projects that children have been doing that month, and solidifies their understanding of the themes.

The subscription is not automatically renewed and you can cancel at any time.

What’s inside a box?

A booklet explaining the art theme
Clear instructions on 7 art projects
Inspiration and information on artists and art styles
Quality art materials

What materials will I receive?

Each box includes a variety of quality art materials, a generous amount for one child (and sometimes enough for two if you can add a few things from home such as paper).

Boxes include materials such as acrylic paint, water-paints, soft pastels, paint sticks, oil pastels, glue, water-colour paper, styrofoam, templates…

The subscription is a gift, can I add a personalised card in the first box?

Yes! At checkout in the ‘Order notes’ section, please do let us know if the subscription is a gift, who the box is for and any personal note you would like us to write for you.

What age are the projects appropriate for?

We recommend the LoLA art boxes for children between the ages of 4-12 (although the clean design, non-patronising language and quality art materials means that many adults also enjoy the projects!)

Each activity also includes helpful tips for little ones to tailor the art projects for younger children.