About Lots Of Lovely Art Boxes

Curated Creativity for Children
Art Projects + Quality Supplies + Inspiring Artists
Each box contains three artist-based projects, four process-art ideas and a selection of quality materials to enable children to be independently creative at home.

LoLA Boxes provides a magical monthly art box for children of all ages, bringing a regular experience of art and artists into their lives through their parents’ letterbox.

The boxes have been developed by Lots of Lovely Art (LoLA). Through its workshops, its products and its social media, LoLA provides art activities based around real artists, and it supports children in experimenting with a wide range of materials.
The founders, Alara & Selina, want to reach as many children as possible with their belief that process-based artist-inspired experiences are an important way to develop problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and self-confidence.

Each box has its own art-based theme (for example, Portraits, Colour, Texture) which introduces children to three fantastic artists with three different art projects. LoLA recommends beautiful art, contemporary exhibitions and reading to inspire children to make their own masterpieces.
Children will learn about art history and new art techniques, with clear simple instructions to help start them off and to give them the confidence to be independently creative.
The projects encourage children to experiment and explore new art materials…and to have fun! As well as the three main art projects, each box contains a selection of theme-related process-based art ideas for open-ended creativity at home.
Children can embrace a process-oriented approach to the arts – create for the sake of creating and enjoy the experience! Even though each LoLA box explores real art techniques (such as still life or printmaking), it emphasises that there is no “wrong” way for these to be enjoyed.

For more than ten years, LOLA – Lots Of Lovely Art, was an art space for children in Istanbul which included an Art and Design shop and Bookstore for children, a Cafe for families, as well as most importantly an Art Studio for experimenting creatively, and a free Lola Library with over 3000 books to peruse through.

We are so excited about this new journey we are setting out on, and hope that together we can keep the Lola heart and soul and COMMUNITY alive! It’s a creative, literary, cultural messy mix to be honest…check our new Lots Of Lovely Art Boxes out! We hope you love them as much as we do!