Lots of Lovely Art works with schools, camps, after-school programs and other groups to support and extend the existing art education program offered.


Awards – If like many other schools you offer an assembly in which children get nominated for their development and outstanding work at the end of the school year, they could be ‘awarded’ with a LoLA box. Please get in touch to find out how we can help create very special awards!

Artists Inspiration – Each month, LoLA looks at three artists that centre around an art theme. The featured artists are tied in with recommendations of what to see in museums and galleries that month. We offer LoLA leaflets on a subscription basis, either per term (each term: 3 art themes with 12 artists) or per month (each month: 1 art theme, 3 artists per month). Art teachers can use this as inspiration while creating the yearly class plans, or as supporting material to their existing plans.

Summer Fair & Christmas Fair – We would love to be a part of your summer and/or Christmas fair. Lots of Lovely Art can hold art workshops at the fair to introduce some of the LoLA art projects to the children. We would also hold a table selling the LoLA boxes and would offer discounts to parents of the school.

Please get in touch with to find out more.