Under the Sea Party – 8 children

This party pack sets out to help you host an Under-The-Sea Party. There are instructions for an art project guiding children to make their own Under-The-Sea multimedia canvas. Also included are tips and ideas for themed decorations, food and activities! Each party pack has sufficient art materials for EIGHT children.

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What does the party pack include?

•    A booklet including tips on how to set up and host an art party; step-by-step instructions on how to create a themed art project; and ideas for themed decorations, food and activities

•    Eight stretched canvases (one per child)

•    Four sets of acrylic paints (one to be shared between two children)

•    Eight paint-brushes (one per child)

•    Four PVA glue bottles (one to be shared between two children)

•    Four glitter shakers (one to be shared between two children)

•    Eight sheets of decorated sea-themed paper (one per child)

•    Two bags filled with shells, glass shells, gems and felt to share

•    A big screen-printed drawstring bag for the birthday child, to use later as storage for art materials!

•    Eight crowns, one per child to decorate at the party, or at home

•    Eight themed activity sheets, one per child to fill in at the party or at home

•    Eight party invitations, for your child to make and send to friends

What about decorations, food and games?

In the party booklet we have included some ideas of decorations that you can make at home, and where to find ones to buy.

There are ideas for themed party food (that you can make at home) or suggestions on where to buy additional extras.

We have also included ideas for activities that correspond with the theme.