Lots of Love Project Booklet

The projects in this booklet look at how artists depict the idea of love: For example creating hearts with Jim Dine; hugs, embraces and kisses with Brancusi; and dances inspired by Kerry James Marshall.
Main materials: Oil pastels and water-colour paints

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What's inside the booklet?

  • An introduction to the art theme, with information about artists, art styles and techniques.
  • Clear instructions on seven art projects, appropriate for children of any age (4+ years), with tips to tailor each project for Little Ones.
  • Includes a list of LoLA book recommendations for further reading.

An outline of the seven projects

Crayon-resist rainbow hearts inspired by Jim Dine
Beating heart drawings inspired by Keith Haring
Sending hugs inspired by Constantin Brancusi
Lovely lip prints inspired by Andy Warhol
Swirling skirt dolls inspired by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
A special moment in paint inspired by Kerry James Marshall
3D love letters inspired by Robert Indiana

What art materials will I need at home to do the projects?

Oil pastels
Water-colour paints
Coffee filters
Pipe cleaners
Some sticker foam paper for printing
Cardboard from the recycling box
Water-colour paper