Fabulous Fabric Project Booklet

The projects in this booklet look at how artists like Anni Albers, Sheila Hicks and William Morris look at fabric. Experiment with printing and quilt-making, batik and textile sculptures, and finally natural botanical dyes and the Japanese technique of shibori.
Main material: Gouache Paints

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What's inside the booklet?

  • An introduction to the art theme, with information about artists, art styles and techniques.
  • Clear instructions on seven art projects, appropriate for children of any age (3+ years), with tips to tailor each project for under 4s.
  • Includes a list of LoLA book recommendations for further reading.

An outline of the seven projects

Colourful paper quilting inspired by the quilts of Gee’s Bend
Printing patterns on a tote bag inspired by Anni Albers & Molly Mahon
Glue-resist batik inspired by the art of batik & Carolyn Gavin
Fabric bowls inspired by Sheila Hicks & Andrea Myers
Flower pounding inspired by William Morris
Paint tie-dye socks inspired by Michael Phelan
A Room with a view inspired by Henri Matisse

What art materials will I need at home to do the projects?

Gouache paints
A canvas or fabric tote bag
Sticker foam sheet for printing
Cotton fabric (like an old t-shirt, sheet or pillow case)