Awesome Animals Project Booklet

The projects in this booklet look at how artists depict animals : For example at wild animals with Franz Marc and Salvador Dali; at farm animals with Picasso and Tracey English; and at bugs and butterflies with Louise Bourgeois and Lois Ehlert.
Main materials: Acrylic paints

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What's inside the booklet?

  • An introduction to the art theme, with information about artists, art styles and techniques.
  • Clear instructions on seven art projects, appropriate for children of any age (4+ years), with tips to tailor each project for Little Ones.
  • Includes a list of LoLA book recommendations for further reading.

An outline of the seven projects

Painted blue horse inspired by Franz Marc
Printed animal portrait inspired by Albrecht Durer
Rainbow rooster inspired by Pablo Picasso
Colourful collaged cats inspired by Tracey English
Beautiful butterfly multi media inspired by Lois Ehlert
Recycled 3D bugs inspired by Louise Bourgeois
Surrealist elephants on stilts inspired by Salvador Dali

What art materials will I need at home to do the projects?

Acrylic paints
Styrofoam sheet (or an old polystyrene tray)
Water-colour paper