Mother’s Day with Molly Mahon

Mother’s Day with Molly Mahon

We collaborated with the wonderful Molly Mahon to create a project to celebrate Mother’s Day. Molly Mahon uses block printing to create patterned material and beautiful homeware. There is something special about block printing that has stood the test of time. This Mother’s Day, create your own special printed card – home-made gifts are so much more appreciated! Have a look at the Perfect Print box to see more details.

A little bit about Molly:

Based in Sussex, Molly is a British printmaker whose block print originals are applied to fabrics, wallpapers and a growing range of homewares. Inspired by nature and travels to India, she turns images into repeat designs and carves them into a block (or sometimes now gets them carved into wood while in India).  

She says she never tires of lifting the block and seeing the impression that has been left – the ‘perfect imperfection’. Molly can often be found in her garden shed at her print table while nearby her three children and one small dog play or come and print too.

Everything you see on Molly’s website is made with love, enjoyment and a genuine feel-good factor. Have a look at

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