Art Project: Love Notes

Art Project: Love Notes

One of the artists featured in LoLA’s Let There Be Love box is Robert Indiana. He is most famous for his “LOVE” print, first created for the Museum of Modern Art’s Christmas card in 1965. This print was also the basis for his 1970 Love sculpture and the widely distributed 1973 United States Postal Service “LOVE” stamp. His L-O-V-E letters inspire an art piece in the LoLA box where children are encouraged to decorate their homes with LOVE banners and posters!

Could Robert Indiana also inspire us to write some L-O-V-E notes of our own…? To celebrate positive feelings throughout the whole family and encourage children to express their emotions openly, why not write all the things you love about your children and each other on heart-shaped notes..? ‘Post’ these on the door to their room, or create a trail around the house to encourage them too to share positive love notes!

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