Meri Meri Love collection

LoLA’s Let There Be Love box includes an additional activity inspired by Meri Meri and their heart-shapes! 

Meri Meri has released their wonderful Valentine’s day collection, and our lucky LoLA Little Ones got a heart-shaped necklace each to inspire them! While looking at Robert Indiana and Jim Dine, they used their Meri Meri necklaces to create their very own recycled hearts to hang around their necks! Painted with their paint sticks, and covered in sequins and gems from their Let There Be Love LoLA boxes, they created some absolute beauties that they have not taken off since!

LoLA enjoys Meri Meri’s statement by the founder Meredithe:

“We believe in childhood…. I’ve always loved to create, the process of coming up with an idea and bringing it to life. I’ve made thousands of things over the years, some brilliant and some not so much… When Meri Meri first began, it was just me, my kitchen table, a bunch of cards and a huge pot of glitter.”

Sometimes creating gifts for a special day can start with just sitting down at the kitchen table and cutting hearts out of your LoLA box!

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