Three textile-y things to do with kids on a rainy day

Super Easy Shaggy Pom-poms

We LOVE pom-poms and thought it would be fun to decorate some of our new edit58 baskets with some easy-to-make shaggy pom-poms on this particular rainy day! For this, you need wool, cardboard and scissors.

Cut a small rectangular piece of cardboard. Then cut an opening (long thin rectangle) in the middle, going a little more than halfway up your piece of cardboard.

Wrap wool around the whole cardboard rectangle (on the side with the opening). The more you wrap, the fluffier your pom-pom.

Use the rectangular hole to tie a piece of yarn around the middle. Tie it really tight, and make a double knot.

Detach the pom-pom from the cardboard by cutting the ends of the wool.

Trim the pom-pom into something more round. We call this part giving the pom-pom a haircut – but we still do love a shaggy pom-pom!

Fun Fruit Tablecloth

Potato prints are ALWAYS a good idea, made with something you usually have at home! You’ll also need acrylic or gouache paints, a black marker and an old light-coloured tablecloth, sheet, or piece of fabric big enough to cover your table.

Find lots of different-shaped potatoes – the wonkier and more different from each other the better! (We also recommend that you go for smaller ones.)

Ask an adult to cut the potatoes in two.

Prepare your colours – you can experiment by mixing your paints to create new colours.

Paint your potatoes and stamp all their different shapes onto your cloth. (Place this on the table, but with some newspaper or another waterproof cloth underneath it!)

When completely dry, use your black marker to add details, and magically transform the printed “blobs” into fruit and vegetables. Try watermelons, tomatoes, lemons, orange wedges, apples, aubergines…!!

Wet-Wipe Tie-Dye

This is fun and easy – perfect for a rainy day! You need a wet-wipe, rubber bands and some markers.

Pinch the centre of a baby-wipe and hold it in your hand. Twist it.

Carefully attach a few rubber bands tight around the twisted wet-wipe.

Now use any washable markers to colour sections of the baby-wipe. (You may want to do this on a protected surface.) The more that the marker gets into the folds, the more vibrant the colours will be!

Remove the rubber bands, gently unfold the baby-wipe and lay it on top of two pieces of paper towel until it has completely dried.

You can use these beautiful tie-dyed pieces of fabric in a whole range of creative projects: as curtains for your dolls’ house; cut up as a collage on other pieces of artwork; or cut up into clothes for a paper doll… so many ideas!

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