LoLA and Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson creates imaginative and memorable textiles for the home. Have a look at her beautiful designs, based on nature, on her website. From clothing to cushions and homeware, they’re original and they’re fun –there’s a Ted Bear Tote Bag and a Hilary Hedgehog cushion! Wherever possible, each Donna Wilson product is made in the UK by people who take great pride and care in their work.

In her childhood, Donna developed a love for the natural landscape and for making things. Later, when at the Royal College of Art, she knitted her very first creatures and began selling them to local shops in London.

We have admired her style over the years, especially the creativity she puts into her kits for children – check out ‘Make Your Own Monster’ on her website. So we were overjoyed when she agreed to collaborate with us on LoLA’s Textured Textiles box and to create a special art project for children inspired by her work. 

Visit Donna Wilson at @topdrawerlondon show on the 12-14th Jan where she is launching her new collection ‘Allsorts’ a range of hand-painted and handmade products for your home.

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