LoLA at Babyccino 2019

LoLA at Babyccino 2019

It has been exactly a year since LoLA boxes were launched at the Babyccino fair, a big family of wonderful independent children’s brands. A year later, we are excited to be returning to rejoin Babyccino’s festive fun!

There some great small family brands there, including:


‘Bo’ in Danish means ‘to live’ or ‘stay’, and this fabulous brand brings a touch of Nordic style into your home! Founded by May, a Danish-born, London-based mum-of-two, BoNordic offers a carefully edited collection of organic and sustainably-made clothing for babies and children aged 0-5 years, as well as modern interior pieces and ethical toys. 

Luna and River

This inspiring company sells wonderfully simple clothes for children based on the colours of nature and simple silhouettes. All the pieces have been carefully designed and curated with comfort in mind — timeless classics that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Cherry Bandits

Wonderfully cheeky dressing-up masks and clothes.

Bel Honore

Bel Honore’s wonderful packaging options mean the waste of Christmas wrapping can be avoided, and yet your presents still look just as delightful and as beautiful! At LoLA, we love this idea because sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. (We have recently changed most of our postal bags to compostable versions.)

A Printed Wardrobe

A Printed Wardrobe is a fashion studio that does things a little differently. All its products come with a sew-your-own fashion kit. There are easy-to-follow instructions and design options to choose from, such as pockets and accessories. Each kit is transformed by the maker into a bespoke garment.

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