Get Creative at Christmas

We are very proud we sold out of our limited-edition Christmas Creations box! The box was inspired by Picasso and his ‘assemblage’ sculptures – and we had lots of fun painting and collaging our very own recycled-cardboard reindeer head to decorate our homes this festive season!

Christmas is a great time to be creative! It’s an opportunity to make decorations, wrapping paper, cards, and lots and lots of gifts for loved ones. Creating your own always makes the experience more personal – presents are so much more meaningful when handcrafted with love.

With the school holidays upon us, here are a couple of the extra activities in the box that should help keep the kids busy:

Recycled-tree decorations

Cut out long triangles of different sizes from cardboard. Paint them however you like with acrylic paints (just make sure to cover the whole triangle with LOTS of paint). Now wrap around yarn, add glitter, and stick on beads and pom-poms – in other words, decorate to your heart’s content! You can also see what you might have at home that would look nice added on –  foil scrunched up into tiny balls, for example, or cut-up colourful paper straws…

Stamped wrapping paper

With sticky foam paper, you are going to create a stamp! Cut out a small square or rectangle from cardboard. Think about what image you would like your stamp to make – a simple star, a Christmas tree, a leaf of holly? Cut this image out of your foam paper and stick it onto your cardboard. Paint it and then stamp it onto any kind of paper (old newspapers, tissue paper, etc…) to create some lovely patterned wrapping paper for your presents this year – beautiful and eco-friendly!

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