Recommendation: Bridget Riley at the Hayward Gallery

Recommendation: Bridget Riley at the Hayward Gallery

Riley’s art looks as if she were painting with electricity and the patterns were live wires! This style is known as Op Art. Op artists put lines, colours, shapes and patterns together in clever ways. In LoLA’s Lively Line box this month, we create our own optical illusions inspired by Bridget Riley’s work.

Seeing art in the flesh before (or after) creating your own artwork reinforces the learning gained from doing a creative project inspired by an artist. We highly recommend going to see the Bridget Riley exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, on until January 2020. The artist’s largest retrospective to date, it is full of patterns and illusions. At 80 years of age, Riley is still producing work that challenges the eye.

Bridget Riley’s art is as sneaky as it is spectacular. Some of her paintings make you want to fall over and some make you feel like you’re fainting, your eyes ping-ponging all over the place. Others are more stately in their visual rhythms, but the experience of a Riley is never static,” says Adrian Searle’s review in the Guardian

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