Music & art as therapy

Music & art as therapy

One of our activities this month is inspired by Kandinsky, and it uses music to create an abstract piece of art in response to what we hear. 

Music and art are known to have a beneficial effect in therapies; the concentration in listening or the focus on drawing helps keep the mind still.

“It helps quiet my mind. Concentrating on the colours, lines and shapes takes me away from the noise in my head.” Stuart, Mind (Charity) – For better mental health

Creating abstract art is also a freeing exercise for children as it gives them a safe space to do anything they like, with no judgement on their skill. It can help them to make sense of things and even to understand themselves better, as both music and art touch feelings and emotions. 
Talking about the artwork and asking questions, like, How does it make you feel? What did you think about while you were painting? can help children to communicate and express themselves as part of the art process.

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