Eloise Renouf: How to Draw a Tree

Eloise Renouf: How to Draw a Tree

We have been honoured to work with the very talented and lovely Eloise Renouf to create a special project for the Tremendous Trees LoLA Box! 

Renouf’s ‘20 ways to draw a tree’ has been an inspiration for us for years. We love its clean and simple design. And we love the techniques it gives us to encourage us to go outside and actually draw from nature. It has certainly opened our eyes to the beautiful varieties of oak, willow, birch and other trees around us! 

We have included a sheet of Eloise’s illustrated trees in the LoLA box this month to give you some inspiration for your own creations. 

We especially love Eloise’s quote: “Inspired by the outside; rethought on the inside”!

Eloise’s stylish prints are available for sale from her website. Do check out her beautiful Instagram feed which is sure to lighten your day!

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