Art Project: Water-and-oil marble effect

Art Project: Water-and-oil marble effect

This is a wonderful technique where children can see how oil and water separate. Once begun, it can easily fill an entire afternoon! The marble-effect final pieces can be used to make cards or wrapping paper for presents.

You will need a large covered area to lay out your pieces to dry –  if the weather is good, the garden is a great place to do this project!

Cover your workspace with a tablecloth and lots of kitchen towels. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil into a small bowl and add a little coloured ink. Stir vigorously with a fork so that the big drops of colour are dispersed throughout the oil as smaller droplets. Repeat with as many colours as you want (in different containers). Pour about an inch of water into a shallow baking dish. Use a dropper/pipette or a spoon to transfer the oil + colour mix into the dish of water. Carefully lay the watercolour paper on top of the water…  then lift to reveal your marbled paper. Add more colours and repeat!

Lay the newly marbled paper flat, and allow it to dry completely.

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