Top table covers

Top table covers


Simple and readily available, a spread-out newspaper is one of the easiest ways to cover a surface. Please note though that as this is not waterproof you do need to use a lot of layers!

Our very favourite Marimekko

The bright flowery patterns of Marimekko, an artist featured in our Fantastic Flower box, can be bought as an oilcloth. They are sold by the metre online.

Organic cotton oilcloths produced in Norfolk

These oilcloths are made from 100% organically-grown cotton, and are printed and coated in Denmark. They contain no harmful materials, are spill- and water-resistant, and are also machine-washable!

Spotty oilcloths

Looking like Cath Kidston without the price tag, this simple spotty oilcloth table-cover can be ordered online. Oilcloth is pretty thick and has a wipeable surface, so it provides hard-wearing protection for all types of paint projects.

For small tables

If you have a smaller table for your children, you may only need a runner-type covering. Designating something as an ‘art tablecloth’ means that no-one needs to worry if it gets stained. Over time this can look like a beautiful artwork in itself!

The table becomes the canvas

In our own homes at LoLA, we simply use a thick cream-coloured canvas fabric that has built up lots of paint marks over time, and has started to look like an artist’s palette! Canvas is pretty cheap and has a lovely natural ‘Scandinavian’ feel to it. BUT it is not waterproof. So, if you have an absorbent wood surface beneath, paint can still go through!

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