Bite-size artist information for kids

Bite-size artist information for kids

We find the Tate’s online Kids page very useful, especially their “Who is…?” bite-size information about famous artists! They have created an amazing resource available to all, with short, accessible information for children. The site is a perfect complement to our LoLA leaflets and a great resource if you would like a little bit more in-depth knowledge about an artist you have looked at in our boxes.

“There is a famous story about Turner, that he once had himself tied to the mast of a ship during a very bad storm so that he could experience what it was like to have the waves crashing about him! No one really knows if this is true, but we like the story because Turner was such an extraordinary artist it sounds just the sort of thing he would do.”

Also, go and enjoy the paintings of the stormy sea at the Turner Collection, Clore Gallery, at Tate Britain in order to see Turner’s work in the flesh!

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