Wonderful Water
Little Ones Art Cards

There is something about water that attracts us. Water can alter the entire mood of a piece depending on how it is depicted, and we are inspired by the tranquil reflections of Monet’s waterlilles, the crest of a wave with Hokusai and Turner’s stormy seas. This digital download is delivered as a PDF, tailored for ages 3+.

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What's the story behind Wonderful Water?

Water has often been used symbolically. In both literature and art, it is considered to be the universal image of change – it is forever flowing, and it can take any course. Water is also used to symbolise purity and cleansing. It has been depicted more realistically. Many artists have painted water in motion (a flowing stream, a turbulent ocean, or even a waterfall). Others have painted views of tranquil waters (lakes or ponds). In every case, water can alter the entire mood of a piece depending on how it is depicted.

What will I receive?

A digital download including:
6 art projects inspired by 3 different artists with clear instructions to start independent creativity.
1 leaflet about the art theme and 4 additional activities

Materials you will need at home

Water-colour pencils
Dot paint markers
Tissue paper
Paper tape
Water-colour paper

Tips for doing art with Little Ones

• Strip children down before you start, or have an outfit that is their ‘art outfit’

• Allow them to experiment with materials. Don’t be too concerned about producing a single final piece.

• Bring out one material at a time – this makes it less overwhelming, and lengthens the process!

• You can often use surprisingly simple materials to work with, like shaving cream, toothbrushes, kitchen brushes, toy cars … all things that you may well have at home.

• Never leave Little Ones alone with art materials!