Tremendous Trees, Shape Shifters
& Tactile Texture Art Cards
for ages 3+

Lots of Lovely Art cards for Little Ones introduce children to a variety of artists and provide clear instructions for creative art projects. Each set of cards includes 18 projects divided into 3 themes. This set looks at Tremendous Trees; Shape Shifters; and Tactile Texture. Each theme introduces children to 3 artists and includes creative tips on how to explore different art materials.

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Lots of Lovely Art Cards

Each of the nine art cards in this set introduces children to an artist. The artists are grouped into three themes:
TREMENDOUS TREES: Emily Carr, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Piet Mondrian
SHAPE SHIFTERS: Henri Matisse, Anni Albers and Sonia Delaunay
TACTILE TEXTURE: Vincent Van Gogh, Eric Carle and Cy Twombly

What is included?

18 art projects tailored for ages 3+
9 art cards introducing 9 different artists
3 leaflets, each describing an art theme

What art materials will I need?

This is a comprehensive list – you may choose not to use all of them:

Chalk pastels
Acrylic paints
Paint brush
Plastic needle
White paper
Water-colour paper
Black paper
Coloured paper
Tissue paper
Sticky foam paper
Coloured sand

Tell me more about the art themes included

Recognizing the shapes that we see in our world helps to improve our art skills. We look at Henri Matisse and his beautiful free-form paper-cuts, at Sonia Delaunay and her fascinating circles, and finally at Anni Albers and her mesmerising woven art pieces.

Back to nature… to be inspired by Piet Mondrian’s love of lines, and at the way he breaks down trees into their most simplified form; by Emily Carr’s trees, filled with movement and depth. And at Henri Rousseau’s depictions of dense jungles – all of which inspire us to create our own multi-media collages.

The texture of a work, the tactile quality of its surface, appeals to our sense of touch and can evoke feelings of pleasure, discomfort or familiarity. We look at how Van Gogh simulates the sensation of texture in his famous ‘Starry Night’ painting; at how Eric Carle uses painted collage papers; and at how Cy Twombly’s layering of thick paint creates abstract etching-type works of art.

What age is it aimed at?

The LoLA Little Ones art projects are tailored for 3-6 year-olds