Fantastic Flowers Art Box


Georgia O’Keeffe revolutionised the still-life genre with soft subdued portraits of blossoms. Andy Warhol, a famous figure in pop-art, produced a series of paintings which he called ‘Flowers’. A Finnish design house called Marimekko, founded by Armi Ratia, has produced many colourful prints over the years inspired by blossoms.

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What's the story of Fantastic Flowers?

This month we will be looking at flowers and how they are represented in art. With Georgia O’Keeffe we will create some ink painted oversized flowers of our own.

Andy Warhol, the most famous figure in the pop-art movement has inspired us to cut, stick and stain our own beautiful abstract flower multi-media artwork.

The colourful prints and iconic illustrations from Finnish design house Marimekko inspires us to create graphic flower shapes.

What's inside the box?

3 Art projects inspired by 3 different artists with clear instructions to start independent creativity.
1 Leaflet of process ideas and LoLA recommendations.
Plenty of quality art materials for one child, with lots left over for your art supplies

What materials will I receive?

Colourful inks
Coffee filters
Black square cards
Black sharpie
PVA glue
Tissue paper
Watercolour paper

Any recommendations for related books or trips?

Where’s Warhol? by Catherine Ingram, Laurence King Publishing

Meet Georgia O’Keeffe by Marina Muun, Tate Publishing