The Abstract
Action Box


Canvases like Jackson Pollock’s express the actions of the painter. Mark Rothko’s form of Abstract Art was Colour Field Painting and we will look at how this can express emotion, alongside Joan Miro’s pictorial language which creates dream-like masterpieces.

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The story of Abstract Action

Abstract Art has colour, lines and shapes, but does not necessarily represent objects or images of our everyday world. Instead, Abstract Art uses colour and shape to show what an artist feels and thinks, rather than what he or she sees. Just as we do not know other people’s thoughts, we do not always know what Abstract Art portrays. But, if you could ask them, the artists would explain their painting to you!

What’s inside the box?

3 Art projects inspired by 3 different artists with clear instructions to start independent creativity
1 Leaflet of process ideas and LoLA recommendations
Plenty of quality art materials for one child, with leftovers for your art supplies

What materials will I receive?

Acrylic paint set

Black sharpie

Bamboo toothbrush

Miro symbol template


Paint pipette

PVA glue


Watercolour paper

White paper

Little wood spoon

Any recommendations for related books or trips?

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Miro’s Magic Animals by Antony Penrose, Thames and Hudson