6 month subscription

6 art themes (1 a month);
18 artists (3 a month);
24 creative tips (4 a month)

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£27.00 / month for 6 months


6 month subscription

Our 6 month subscription is ideal for all those avid little Picassos – each month, a magical monthly art box filled to the brim with artist-inspired art projects pops through the letterbox!

We choose and send quality art supplies to introduce new and exciting mediums for children to discover. Lots of quality art materials are included, a generous amount for one child (generally enough for two). During your subscription, the left over paints, oil pastels, glues etc will build up your art supplies at home. Some can be used again and again – we want children to have time to really experiment and learn through new techniques.

To fit into busy family life, the box is designed to fit perfectly through the standard letterbox. On opening the box you will find a handwritten note and under the tissue paper, everything required for an art project a week. No need to waste time sourcing materials and scouring for that elusive water-based ink!

Each month, the artists in the LoLA Box are linked to books, films, an exhibition or a recommended art trip that can be taken as a family. Seeing the artists’ work in print or in institutions around the UK reinforces the projects that the children have been doing that month and opens their understanding and cultural awareness.

What's inside a box?

In each LoLA box you can find:

3 art projects with clear instructions based on 3 different artists
1 leaflet of process prompts
Quality art materials

What materials will I receive?

Each box includes a variety of quality art materials, a generous amount for one child (and generally enough for two). We aim to offer different art supplies in each box so over your subscription you can slowly build up a collection of quality paints, pastels, charcoal and so on. For wonderful art supplies we work with the fantastic company Reeves.

Boxes may include materials such as glue, beads, pompoms, stickers, craft gems, ribbons, water paints, oil pastels, acrylic paint, soft pastels, pencils, watercolor paper, black card, decorative papers, tissue papers.

Any recommendations for related books and trips?

Each box comes with at least 6 tips and recommendations on theme related books, magazines, exhibitions and family art trips!

The LoLA team is committed to creating contemporary boxes which relate to ongoing exhibitions at museums and galleries around the UK.