Marvellous Music
Little Ones Art Box

Both painting and music allow the artist to encode their feelings. These art projects are inspired by Romare Bearden‘s jazz-influenced street collages, listening to music whilst painting like Wassily Kandinsky and rocking a Pablo Picasso cardboard guitar.

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What's the story behind Marvellous Music?

Painting and music also have a common language. Both talk of variety, rhythm, dialogue, unity and so on. And they share similar principles – both create “a composition”: the musician a composition of beats, notes and tones; the visual artist, a composition of lines, shapes and colours. In music, rhythm is something that you can tap your feet to. But painters also use rhythm. With it, they can make your eyes dance from one point in their work to another.

What's inside the box?

6 Art projects inspired by 3 different artists with clear instructions.
1 Leaflet of process ideas and LoLA recommendations.
Plenty of quality art materials for your child, with lots left over for your art supplies.

What materials will I receive?

36-colour water-paint tin
Water-colour paper
Music note paper
Coloured paper
PVA glue
Washi tape
Glitter shaker
Brown paper

Any recommendations for this theme?

The new Spotify Kids app gives children access to about 6,000 tracks, all of which have been specifically chosen for kids of all ages!
BBC Teach is running Bring the Noise, an educational campaign aimed at helping primary school teachers and parents inspire children to become musicians and see the joys of music-making.
We love Tonies – an audio system that changes the way children listen to stories and music – the idea brings listening and playing together, and allows their imaginations to run free with a wide collection of music and stories.