Little Ones
Lovely Landscapes

Explore rolling hills with David Hockney, printed shape cities with Paul Klee, or an imaginary colourful landscape with Friedensreich Hundertwasser.



What's the story of Lovely Landscapes?

When painting landscapes, artists don’t always depict an entire outdoor scene. Sometimes they show a vast meadow while at other times they paint only the corner of a field. In this box you may choose to show rolling hills in summer in California like David Hockney, or even an imaginary colourful landscape filled with wavy lines and spiral lollipop trees, just like Friedensreich Hundertwasser! 

What's inside the box?

6 x 20-minute art projects inspired by 3 different artists with clear instructions. These are focused on the process and experimenting, rather than on the end result itself.

1 Leaflet of extra ideas and LoLA recommendations.

Plenty of quality art materials for one child, with lots left over for your art supplies.

What materials will I receive?

Colourful papers
Giotti coloured markers
Watercolour paint set
Watercolour paper
White paper

Tips for doing art with Little Ones

•  Strip children dow