Hair-Raising Halloween Art Cards

This Halloween project is inspired by a very scary painting – “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. Create some hair-raising ink-blowing artwork, spooky spiderwebs and day-of-the-dead masks. This digital download is a PDF and is appropriate for all ages (3+).

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Spoookkyyyy Halloween

Ghosts and goblins, cobwebs, “Trick or Treat”! Halloween is here again, the “hallowed” (holy) evening before All Saints Day (November 1st), and there is no better time for children’s artistic expression. With your materials at home, try glittery spiderwebs and Day-of-the-Dead masks!

What will I receive?

A link via email to download a digital PDF including:
1 Art project inspired by Munch, with clear instructions
1 Leaflet with three activities and LoLA recommendations

Some of the materials you will need at home for these projects

Crayola wax crayons
Water-colour tin
White & black paper
Water-colour paper
Halloween glitter shaker
Skull template