Fabulous Food, Lovely Landscapes
& Lively Lines Art Cards
for ages 6+

Lots of Lovely Art projects introduce artists and provide clear instructions for creative projects. The pack includes 9 art projects in total – divided into 3 themes: Fabulous Food, Lovely Landscapes and Lively Lines. Each theme introduces 3 artists and includes creative tips to explore materials. A perfect way to support art education for children when you have art supplies at home.

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Lots of Lovely Art Cards

Each of the nine art cards in this set introduces children to an artist. The artists are grouped into three themes:
Lovely Landscapes: David Hockney, Paul Klee and Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Lively Lines: Patrick Caulfield, Bridget Riley and Wassily Kandinsky
Fantastic Food: Wayne Thiebaud, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Paul Cezanne

What is included?

9 art projects tailored for ages 6+
9 art cards introducing 9 different artists
3 leaflets, each describing an art theme

What art materials will I need?

This is a comprehensive list – you may choose not to use all of them:

Acrylic paints
Water-colour paints
Chubby paint markers
White paper
Water-colour paper
Coloured paper
Paint brush

Tell me more about the art themes

Be inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s puzzle-like portraits made of fruit and vegetables, Wayne Thiebaud’s beautifully decorated cakes, and Paul Cezanne’s chunky paintings of apples and oranges.

Landscapes came into their own in the early 19th century when people fell in love with nature and the great outdoors. Explore rolling hills with David Hockney, an abstract Tunisian seascape with Paul Klee, and an imaginary colourful landscape with Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

You can find a line in almost every type of art. Nearly every mark you make starts as a line – be inspired by the lines in Patrick Caulfield’s clean drawings, in Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract pictures, and in Bridget Riley’s optical illusions.

What age is it aimed at?

The LoLA art projects are tailored for ages 6+
For children aged 3+, look at LoLA for Little Ones