Fabulous Food
Little Ones Art Cards

Food has always played a role in art. We are inspired by Arcimboldo’s puzzle-like portraits made up of fruits, vegetables and flowers, Thiebaud and his painted rows of cakes, and Cezanne’s famous chunky paintings of apples and oranges. This digital download is delivered as a PDF, tailored for ages 3+.

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What's the story behind Fabulous Food?

Food has been intrinsically linked with art. In the Stone Age cave painters used vegetable juice and animal fats as binding ingredients in their paints, and the Egyptians carved pictures of crops and bread on hieroglyphic tablets. In the 17th century, still-life painting (typically including fruit and flowers) was flourishing as an independent genre, particularly in the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. During the Pop-art era, food was used to represent different aspects of society. At around the same time, artists began using real food as an art material. In 1970, the artist Dieter Roth made a piece titled “Staple Cheese (A Race)” that consisted of 37 suitcases filled with cheese. Other cheeses were pressed onto the gallery’s walls with the idea that they would drip, or “race,” toward the floor. A few days after the exhibition opened in Los Angeles, it gave off an unbearable stench!

What will I receive?

A digital download including:
6 art projects inspired by 3 different artists with clear instructions to start independent creativity.
1 leaflet about the art theme and additional activities
2 templates

Materials you will need at home

Acrylic paint
Fruit and vegetable pictures
Lollipop stick
Black paper
White paper
Coloured paper
Extra decorations

Tips for doing art with Little Ones

• Strip children down before you start, or have an outfit that is their ‘art outfit’

• Allow them to experiment with materials. Don’t be too concerned about producing a single final piece.

• Bring out one material at a time – this makes it less overwhelming, and lengthens the process!

• You can often use surprisingly simple materials to work with, like shaving cream, toothbrushes, kitchen brushes, toy cars … all things that you may well have at home.

• Never leave Little Ones alone with art materials!