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There are three theories about colour that are particularly useful in painting – that of the colour wheel; of colour harmony and of how colours are used. These projects look at these theories through Keith Haring’s bright dancing figures, through pouring paint with Helen Frankenthaler, and through a dot delirium with Yayoi Kusama! This digital download is delivered as a PDF, tailored for ages 6+.

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What's the story behind Creative Colour?

Harmony is the pleasing arrangement of parts, whether they be of music, poetry or colour! A harmonious colour scheme can be based on similar or opposite shades of colour. For example, the colours of nature are usually harmonious, and some colours go unexpectedly well with those on the opposite side of the colour wheel (so-called ‘complementary colours’).

What will I receive?

A digital download including:
3 art projects inspired by 3 different artists with clear instructions to start independent creativity.
1 leaflet about the art theme and an additional activity

Some of the materials you will need at home for these projects

Black marker / Sharpie
Oil pastels
A canvas
PVA glue
Water-colour paint tin
Water-colour paper
White paper