Amazing Animals, Portrait Party
& Creative Colour Art Cards
for ages 6+

Lots of Lovely Art cards introduce children to a variety of artists and provide clear instructions for creative art projects. Each set of cards includes 9 projects divided into 3 themes. This set looks at Amazing Animals; Portrait Party; and Creative Colour. Each theme introduces children to 3 artists and includes creative tips on how to explore different art materials.

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Lots of Lovely Art Cards

Each of the nine art cards in this set introduces children to an artist. The artists are grouped into three themes:
AMAZING ANIMALS: Franz Marc, Salvador Dali, Charley Harper
PORTRAIT PARTY: Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani
CREATIVE COLOUR: Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring, Helen Frankenthaler

What is included?

9 art projects tailored for ages 6+
9 art cards introducing 9 different artists
3 leaflets, each describing an art theme

What art materials will I need?

This is a comprehensive list – you may choose not to use all of them:

Water-colour paints
Oil pastels
Black Sharpie
PVA glue
Coloured papers
Water-colour paper
White paper
Sticky glitter paper
Fabric flowers
Craft gems
Craft wire

Tell me more about the art themes

Animals have long been a favourite subject in art, both the real and imagined variety. We look at three artists (Franz Marc, Salvador Dali and Charley Harper) and at how they depicted different animals, from horses to birds, in their own distinctive styles.

We take inspiration from some of the masters of portrait painting: Frida Kahlo and her distinctive eyebrows; Amedeo Modigliani and his elongated faces; and Pablo Picasso with his Cubist portraits. Each of the artists shows us several different styles and materials that can be used to create a face.

There are three useful theories about colour in art – the theory of the colour-wheel, of colour harmony, and of how colours are used. To illustrate, we look at Keith Haring’s bright dancing figures, at pouring paint with Helen Frankenthaler, and at a dot delirium with Kusama!

What age is it aimed at?

The LoLA art projects are tailored for ages 6+
For children aged 3+, look at LoLA for Little Ones