x Lola Boxes (ages 6+) – Lots of Lovely Art

LoLA Boxes (ages 6+)

Each box contains three artist-inspired projects, process-art ideas, recommendations for related books, gallery visits and all the materials you will need, all in one beautiful box!

Lovely Landscapes


Landscapes came into their own in the early 19th century when people fell in love with nature and the great outdoors. In this LoLA box, explore rolling hills with David Hockney, an abstract Tunisian seascape with Paul Klee, and an imaginary colourful landscape with Friedensreich Hundertwasser!

Fantastic Flowers


Georgia O’Keeffe revolutionised the still-life genre with soft subdued portraits of blossoms. Andy Warhol, a famous figure in pop-art, produced a series of paintings which he called ‘Flowers’. A Finnish design house called Marimekko, founded by Armi Ratia, has produced many colourful prints over the years inspired by blossoms.

Tactile Texture


We will look at how Van Gogh simulates the sensation of texture in his famous "Starry Night" painting; at how Eric Carle uses painted collage papers to create texture in his illustrations; and at Cy Twombly's layering of thick paint to create abstract art.