Museums this Summer

Museums this Summer

As everything is opening up, and the holidays are soon upon us, we have been booking in as many exhibitions as we can, and we wanted to share some gems with you so that you may also have a creative summer filled with culture and museum visits!

Be aware that due to restrictions, booking well in advance is crucial in order to go see exhibitions post covid. A little piece of advice – we have become members to many of our favourite museums – this ends up actually being more cost effective if you go to lots of exhibitions, as well as enabling you to get priority tickets and advance notice on when artists are launching shows.

Here is what we have booked!

Turner’s Modern World at Tate Britain, showing until 12th September 2021

A perfect exhibition to go to this Summer! One of Britain’s greatest artists, J.M.W. Turner lived and worked at the peak of the industrial revolution. Steam replaced sail; machine-power replaced manpower; political and social reforms transformed society. Many artists ignored these changes but Turner faced up to these new challenges. This exhibition will show how he transformed the way he painted to better capture this new world.

This exhibition also fits in nicely with our Splendid Skies box, inspired by how Turner depicted stormy cloudscapes. After a morning at the museum, why not spend the afternoon creating painted cloud mobiles?

David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020 at the Royal Academy, showing until 26th September 2021

A wonderful way to show children the creativity of technology and how we can learn new techniques at any age!  (NB new tickets will be released according to government rules re Covid, but there are still available places for members)

In the midst of a pandemic, David Hockney RA captured the unfolding of spring on his iPad, creating 116 new and optimistic works in praise of the natural world.

David Hockney is an incredible artist to study with children as he is always trying to show us the joy and beauty in nature – why not couple this with our fantastic Noble Nature box which looks at how a variety of artists, from Hokusai to Rousseau, depict nature (trees, flowers, water) in their work.

THE EY EXHIBITION THE MAKING OF RODIN at Tate Modern, showing until 21st November 2021

A great way of introducing children to sculpture with one of the all-time genius in the field. This major exhibition is the first to focus on the importance of plaster in Rodin’s work. Although he is best known for his bronze and marble sculptures, Rodin himself worked as a modeller, capturing movement, light and volume in pliable materials such as clay and plaster. 

To complement this special exhibition LoLA is releasing it’s Fabulous Form box in August which is inspired by sculptors Barbara Hepworth, Alexander Calder, Godfrey DeWitt and Rodin, and includes art materials such as clay and wire for children to explore and experiment with!

Image Source: V&A

Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser showing at the Victoria & Albert Museum until 31st December 2021. Please note tickets are released for this every Tuesday at 12:00.

Exploring its origins, adaptations and reinventions over 157 years, this immersive and theatrical show charts the evolution of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from manuscript to a global phenomenon beloved by all ages.

Why not treat yourself to a Playful Pattern art box too, and make this creative day all about Pattern and Architecture? 

Also note that on July the 18th the Museum’s ‘Imagination Station’ is holding a Pick up a paper-based activity related to this exhibition. Take an adventure with Alice, play with pattern and architecture, or discover the secrets of the museum. Pick up a paper activity or trail and get exploring making with the whole family!

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