Mother’s Day gifts & cards

Mother’s Day Gifts & Cards

A few ideas on how Little Ones can make their mamas happy this Mother’s day! 

Tissue paper flowers

Lay three sheets of unfolded tissue paper down, one on top of the other, onto a flat surface. 

Concertina fold all sheets together in one go so you end up with a thick stick of folded tissue paper.

Tie a pipe cleaner tightly around the middle.

Fold your tissue paper stick in half over the pipe cleaner.

Cut the ends of your tissue paper into rounded semi-circles.

Now start to pull your tissue paper away from the concertina piece by piece.

Keep fluffing up the tissue paper until you have a fluffy tissue paper flower! Make as many as you want, to create a whole vase full of beautiful colourful paper flowers for your mama this year!

Potato print cards

Get yourself a nice big potato and cut it in half, lengthways. 

Now draw something on your potato with a pencil to create a design, like a star, a flower or a random shape.

Very carefully cut away the parts of the potato that you don’t want to print – for little ones, please ask a parent to help! Lay some newspaper underneath the paper or card you choose to print on, to keep things nice and tidy.

Using a plate or a plastic tray (reuse something from the recycling bin!) pour your paint (any paint will do) and, with a sponge, apply a nice even layer to the potato.

Carefully consider where you are going to print and then confidently place the potato down and give it a good push. Lift the potato clean away and there you have it – your very first print. 

Paint your potato and push down several more times to make a pattern, and carefully consider the spacing between your prints.

Mama portraits

Every mother would love a beautiful painted portrait of herself made by her Little One!

To make it extra special, see if you can do it on canvas, or on very thick watercolour paper…

Think about your mum, what does she look like, what are your favourite things about her, what are HER favourite things about herself..?! Sketch her portrait in pencil – remember to keep the picture as big as possible as you are going to paint it later! Don’t forget ears, eyelashes, necklaces, shoulders and all the details!

Go over your lines in a black marker.

Now paint! Any paint will do, acrylics, watercolours, oil pastels, or even a mix of all the above! The most important thing is to COVER your paper/canvas completely with paint and colour.

If you have any gems, sequins or glitter, add these for extra sparkle once your paint is dry – maybe creating your very own Queen Mama! 

Some gifts for every mother to enjoy!

Breakfast in bed

What a luxury to stay in bed that bit longer, have a cup of tea delivered to you, and cuddles from your children. Absolute bliss!

Mummy and me

Can you try to dress the same for a day..?! This can be lots of fun with what you already have in your cupboards – add shawls, socks or even hair accessories and hats that match!

Tea Party

This can be a simple affair at home, maybe even picnic-style…? What does YOUR mum like..?! Or you could treat her to an afternoon tea out, sipping your teas with your pinkies out and nibbling on fancy sandwiches! 

Peace and quiet

Promising no sibling squabbles for at least an hour is certainly every Mother’s dream, but can you last..?!

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