Wild Hearts Wonder

Wild Hearts Wonder

We are big fans of Wild Hearts Wonder and their brilliant animal-themed wallpapers and fabrics! We are delighted to have teamed up with them in our Amazing Animal box this month, where they created an activity looking at animal prints. Their Leopard Print Splodge Wallpaper is hand-painted in acrylic paints before being digitally printed, enabling you to see every single brush stroke! 

Why not try creating your own hand-painted animal fur patterns?

For a leopard-print look, all you need is first to create brown splodges of paint with your water-paint set (don’t forget to really turn your brush around in your paint with some water to get a nice thick vivid colour).

Surround these splodges with brushstrokes of black paint, sort of like the petals of a flower, each animal “spot” being slightly different from the others.

What other animals could you try? Maybe giraffes and zebras, or snakes and tigers!

Have a look at Wild Heart Wonder’s wonderful designs here: https://www.wildheartswonder.com/

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