Art Project: Water and tissue-paper painting

Art Project: Water and tissue-paper painting

This is a lovely project to do with left-over tissue paper from the LoLA box. It is only a short project (so it’s perfect to fill in a spare half-hour, maybe, while you prep dinner!). The tissue paper does “bleed”, though. So make sure to cover your work surface well with a water-proof table covering.

Simply invite your child to wash over a large sheet of thick water-colour paper with water and a paintbrush. Then stick down torn or cut pieces of tissue paper over the top. When the white paper is completely covered, wash another layer of water over the top of the entire picture with your paintbrush in order to intensify the colours of the tissues (making sure that the papers are well and truly stuck down). Leave it to dry overnight – by which time the tissue paper should be completely dry and starting to peel off. Carefully remove all of the pieces, and see what you find underneath!

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