This year I truly discovered the power of the coffee filter! Such a versatile and affordable medium, and anyone can find them in their local supermarket… I especially love the XL sized ones that the children have more space to experiment on. The absorbency of this paper means it is fabulous to use with water paints, palette style or even liquid water paints!

With the toddlers we found it less messy to use the palette style water paints that you can find in all art and crafts stores, children’s shops or even newsagents sometimes! For this project we cut the coffee filters into quarters and then cut the centres out to make them appear wave shaped… We then gave the little ones paint, and water and brushes, and let them experiment with the feel and texture and watery effect of these “wave” pieces of paper!

Once the coffee filters had dried (this can take a while and sometimes it can be faster to just put them on the radiator for a few minutes!), we stuck them to the bottom of a blue paper to create a sea… and the rest is up to you! Sea creatures or boats, swimmers or whales, anything can be added onto this base.


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