Having a Toddler at home really helps in understanding what they really want to do, as I can “spy” on her as she is playing by herself! These days she is OBSESSED with scissors and glue, and so we have entered into a Matisse-like world of collage!

I give her old ripped up magazine pages (especially ones with lots of texture and colour rather than small specific pictures), and a pair of toddler safe scissors and a glue stick. She chooses a variety of coloured and white paper as her base (once even an old newspaper) and begins her “process” ! Lots of cutting (or ripping if she begins to get frustrated with the scissors!), and then she places the papers onto her page like a puzzle, trying to figure out what she wants where… then lots of glue and ta da!

Sometimes we cover the whole thing in glitter glue, just for some extra dazzle! Once we covered it all in watered down liquid glue (Modge Podge) and this gave the whole piece a varnished effect which was lovely! There are times we then cover the whole thing in stickers ;), or sometimes we replace magazine papers with fabric scraps…

There is really no end to where you can take this! Enjoy!

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