As the weather is NOT getting better and Spring still seems far away, what a perfect time to start dreaming and planning our Summer holidays!? One of our all time favourite family holidays was when we recently visited the Greek island of Paros… A simple holiday with no frills, we did not expect it to be one of the holidays our children remember the most fondly (especially the little one who refers to it as “her” hotel in Paros!!)

We stayed on the main island of Paros, although Antiparos was equally beautiful, more secluded and less touristy (not that either island in any way can be defined as touristy!- YET) and so we visited nearly every other day (a short drive and mini ferry ride).

There is a wide variety of hotels to choose from, although we would absolutely recommend the Golden Beach resort in Paros and the Beach House on Antiparos…

Great sea, wonderful beaches, special people, good simple food… Start googling!! 😉


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