A new challenge for me in our new lives here in the UK, is preparing packed lunches for the children every day! Coming from our healthy Mediterranean diet, and being someone who truly believes in healthy eating and a balanced diet, sending them in with a sandwich and crisps every day was not going to happen! But at the same time, especially for my older daughter, lunches became a way of fitting in, and food that she used to love in Istanbul became things she became embarrassed of here…

So I set out to be inspired by online options, and wow is there a lot! Esther at Babyccino has some fabulous ideas, and even her own instagram account depicting the four lunches she prepares every day for her kids!

Finally I found my groove, and a happy medium between my kids being content and me being reassured that they are eating well. There are sandwiches once a week, but with wholemeal bread, and accompanied by crudités and humus and olives! Some of the time using left overs becomes easy, a rice salad or a roasted chicken wrap, or a soup. We try to have some sort of soup once a week, an egg dish once a week, a pulse (lentil, chick pea and so on) once a week, and lots of fruit and vegetable sticks next to these. We are also very lucky here in the UK because there are many many options of healthy pre prepared snack foods, dried fruit, gluten free crackers and even crisps!!


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