All I needed was a Picasso exhibition at the Tate to share with you one of my favourite art activities for older children! It’s a beautiful way of explaining profile and front on portraits in the same picture to kids, and they love the freedom they have in terms of the actual face and colour scheme.

Start by drawing a profile of a forehead, mouth and chin in the middle of the page. ‘Close up’ the back of the head, add an ear and explain that the eye can be anywhere and any shape really (you can discuss Cubism here if you would like!). Here is your profile!

Now finish off the circle (it will look a little bit like two beans connected, or maybe even an heart…) and add on the other eye, cheeks, ear. Finish off with some big snail like curls for the hair, and make the mouth kissable! Neck and shoulders may also add dimension to their picture.

Go over the lines in black sharpie and then paint with wild liquid water paints, making sure the children make it as “unreal” as possible – blue hair, red eyes etc!!

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