Autumn has been so much fun this year now that we are in the countryside, and I think we have outdone ourselves with leaf art projects! One of our old favourites though is the good old group work Autumn tree collage. For this you need a big piece of brown recycled paper, some autumnal coloured acrylic paints, some autumnal coloured oil pastels, and some old wrapping paper, wall paper, magazine cutouts and scrap papers (yes, if possible, all in autumnal colours!).

Here are some tips, but this really can go any way your imagination leads!

  • Cut out the scrap papers in different shaped leaves.
  • Start by drawing the routine of your tree(s) in the oil pastels, adding on any branches , leaves and grasses you may like to the mix.
  • Try to make your tree(s) as big as possible!
  • Once you have drawn the waves, decorate inside each in a different pattern, anything that tickles your fancy, from polka dots to stripes to diamonds to bumps!
  • Go crazy now with your acrylic paints! It is always fun to do this as a group because everyone’s own personal painting style intertwines with their neighbour’s to create some beautiful and organic natural effects! remember that trees and leave are a mix of a lot of colours, and try to shade and layer your paint as much as possible!
  • Finally paste on all of your pre cut leaf shapes (with white glue if possible), using the wet paint to keep your layering effects going!



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