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November 2017 Shops – THE HAMBLEDON

This little shop in Winchester is an absolute treasure trove to be discovered! From tasteful kitchen goods, to a whole floor of Christmas decorations, from beautifully chosen children’s gifts, to fabulous women’s and men’s collections, this is the best mini department store I have EVER been to! Pop in if you are in the area, or check out their site and instagram feed.


November 2017 Food – PACKED LUNCHES

A new challenge for me in our new lives here in the UK, is preparing packed lunches for the children every day! Coming from our healthy Mediterranean diet, and being someone who truly believes in healthy eating and a balanced diet, sending them in with a sandwich and crisps every day was not going to happen! But at the same time, especially for my older daughter, lunches became a way of fitting in, and food that she used to love in Istanbul became things she became embarrassed of here…

So I set out to be inspired by online options, and wow is there a lot! Esther at Babyccino has some fabulous ideas, and even her own instagram account depicting the four lunches she prepares every day for her kids!

Finally I found my groove, and a happy medium between my kids being content and me being reassured that they are eating well. There are sandwiches once a week, but with wholemeal bread, and accompanied by crudités and humus and olives! Some of the time using left overs becomes easy, a rice salad or a roasted chicken wrap, or a soup. We try to have some sort of soup once a week, an egg dish once a week, a pulse (lentil, chick pea and so on) once a week, and lots of fruit and vegetable sticks next to these. We are also very lucky here in the UK because there are many many options of healthy pre prepared snack foods, dried fruit, gluten free crackers and even crisps!!


November 2017 Website- TROUVA

If you have not yet checked out this fabulous site, you have a treat ahead of you! Trouva prides itself on having collected all the independent small boutiques, all in one place! So all those lovely little shops tucked into backed streets over the UK, can now be accessed from the comfort of your own sofa! From home furnishings to kids’s gifts, from beautiful women’s clothes and inspiring lifestyle ideas, it is well worth a look!


November 2017 Travel – COPENHAGEN

Although the weather is starting to get a bit chilly for Denmark, Copenhagen is such a wonderful small city to visit with kids, and also so festive during the build up to Christmas! Small enough to be able to walk around easily, and with a host of fun activities going on for children, our favourite must sees include the fabulous Louisiana Museum (mentioned before, just outside Copenhagen), Atelier September for amazing granola, and Stilleben and Hay for inspiring design shopping!


November 2017 Deco CAMOMILE LONDON

We love this British brand of bedding, Camomile London, so stylish and timeless! What is even more exciting is their online furniture collection by Kalon Studios, beautiful and unique rugs, and even their lovely slippers!


September 2017 Shops – THE CROSS LONDON

This little shop in London in Clarendon Cross in the backstreets of Holland Park, has been there since I can remember! An upscale boutique selling beautiful clothes, accessories, home ware and gifts, it also has a fabulous little Aladdin’s cave for children filled with unicorn heads, little purses, toys, backpacks and angel wings! Pop in if you are in the area, or check out their site and instagram feed.


September 2017 Food – MISK ISTANBUL

A newbie to the Resitpasa/Emirgan scene, Misk is a cafe-cum-flower shop with a green Californian feel to it. If you are looking for the best blueberry pancakes in town, this is the place to go! We also really love their scrambled eggs and bacon in a croissant, avocado toast and Misk bowl for a healthier option. The florist is a lovely man, who caters to all kinds of flower whims, and they have some lovely smelling candles and other little gifts as well. Our kids love to go here for breakfast/brunch on Sunday, and its the kind of place where everyone in the family is happy!


September 2017 website – SMALLABLE

If you have not yet checked out the Paris based Smallable site, you have a treat ahead of you! An online department store for children, or as Vogue put it “The online benchmark for your child’s universe”, this site has pretty much everything (designer) you could think of for your children! What I loved especially about it was that everything was in one place, that it delivers internationally, and that, unlike many beautiful boutique online stores, it also caters for the 8+ range! From clothes to home ware, from babies to mothers, from toys to design, this site has such a plethora of choices that you can spend hours browsing!


September 2017 Travel – OMAN ZIGHY BAY

When travelling (with kids or without), I think there a few types of holidays one can go on… adventures and exploring, culture and art, or pure relaxation, among others… The Six Senses at Zighy Bay definitely fits into this last category. We have been lucky to have been a couple of times, and each time I am astonished at how pampered, relaxed and happy every member of the family has been, from grandparents to toddlers! There is a fabulous kids club, babysitting services and all the bottle warmers, high chairs and cots you can think of. There are amazing restaurants and a stunning beach. There is a first class Spa for those who prefer massages and the gym to unwind, but also paragliding and tennis for those who prefer to be more active and adventurous. Most importantly it is a two hour drive from Dubai, so completely accessible, and not at all a long journey!


September 2017 Decoration – MERI MERI HOME

We are the biggest fans of all things Meri Meri, from their great Christmas decorations to their extensive collections of party wares, plates, cups and garlands! So we were incredibly excited to discover their new range of homeware! From storage baskets with pompoms to unicorn cushions, tasseled garlands and dreamcatchers to bed linen, from art prints to finger puppets, we fell in love with it ALL!