Lots Of Lovely Art LibraryAfter years of collecting for, managing and teaching from the Lola Library and its close to 4000 children’s books, we somehow wanted to continue to encourage and inspire children to read as much as possible! In this space therefore we will try to recommend fabulous books for children of all ages, both new and old, as well as suggest art activities that would go nicely hand and hand with these stories. We will also hunt high and low for great books stores, libraries, story reading events and author led activities that will inspire and encourage our children in their love of reading and literature from a young age!


November 2017 Book Recommendation – THIS IS HOW WE DO IT

Follow the real lives of seven kids from Italy, Japan, Iran, India, Peru, Uganda, and Russia for a single day! In Japan Kei plays Freeze Tag, while in Uganda Daphine likes to jump rope. But while the way they play may differ, the shared rhythm of their days—and this one world we all share—unites them. This genuine exchange provides a window into traditions that may be different from our own as well as a mirror reflecting our common experiences. Inspired by his own travels, Matt Lamothe transports readers across the globe and back with this luminous and thoughtful picture book.


September 2017 Book Recommendation – HERVE TUILLET

Hervé Tullet, who divides his time between New York and France, is known for his prodigious versatility, from directing ad campaigns to designing fabric for Hermès. His real love is working with children, for whom he has created dozens of books. We love nearly all of his beautifully creative work, but especially ‘Five Senses’, ‘Mix it up’ and his ‘Art Workshops for Children’! All can be found on Amazon but also do check out his fantastic interactive site! He has also just come out with a beautiful new book ‘Say Zoop’, that you can preorder now, or buy in shops from August on. In this book Tullet extends an irresistible invitation to readers to whisper, sing, cajole, and even shout out syllables so that they may experience the book magically respond. Check out the site for Say Zoop too!